The Kennedy look – Please click and vote for me on Vanity Fair my wonderful fans!


The Kennedy look - Please click and vote for me on Vanity Fair my wonderful fans!
Here is a picture I have captured in my fashion world. The shooting of John F. Kennedy was one of the worst tragic moments in history. This is how my face would have looked reading the newspaper of this saddened news. This is also what I would have worn back in that era as well.

Hey Everyone! I would like to spread my love for the arts! Please click here :


Hey Everyone! I would like to spread my love for the arts! Please click here :

American Eagle has been supporting an awesome friend of mine. They are helping us make our dreams come true. If everyone could click on my photos to help me spread my love in aid to help the arts. Here is the link :

Love yourself first! Inspire yourself and many others ….


As most of you know, I am dedicated to the arts. I live and breathe music. Just recently I signed up for a 6 week challenge from The Fit Republic. If you don’t know who they are then check them out right here.


I have been training with The Fit Republic for 11 months now. And let me tell you this place changed my life.

As a kid I was always obese. It started in 5th grade. I was constantly bullied over my appearance. And this included my weight. 7th grade was the worst year. I didn’t even want to leave my house because of the name calling. People don’t realize how hurtful names could be. As a teacher, I am always looking for signs if someone is getting bullied because I remember the signs that I used to give out. In 8th grade I decided to try to lose weight myself. I went jogging outside and did some at home instructional exercise videos. I WOULD lose weight. However, I would gain it all back within 2 months. I always thought that if you did crazy workouts and burned many calories with eating very little you would lose weight. BOYYYYYYY was I wrong. I wish I had someone when I was 15 to tell me how to lose all this weight.

As a performer, going on auditions was tough. I never felt pretty enough because I was under all this weight. I never got the roles I wanted. My self esteem was really shot. But as I see now, the older we get the wiser. Even though I was heavy I was still who I was. I was nice and extremely talented! I was beautiful! I just didn’t realize it. When you get bullied, your sense of who you are changes very much. You doubt yourself. And that is what I did. Why didn’t I except who I was? I wouldn’t attend parties or gatherings. My excuse was, ” Well I’ll look better when I lose these 20 lbs”. There was always an excuse. Well no more!

Since I’m older and now wiser, I am always looking up motivational and inspiring books and quotes online. They help. And it’s great when you have amazing inspiring people around you. I have wonderful people in my life. Many new people that I have met are from the fit republic. Your true friends are never going to let you down or make fun of you. They will be HONEST. But they will never make one feel horrible about themselves.

Word to the wise:

If you are a bully victim, ignore these people. Odds are: you will never see them when you either graduate middle school or high school. If it’s people that you always see, then ignore them and then make sure you hang with people that love you in your down time.

As for your body and mind, I told myself that I only have one body. This body has been through all my tough times in my life. My heart keeps beating. My muscles helped me walk and talk and SING!!! I owe it to my body to become more healthy and to love it! Im going to be with my body for many many years to come. So I need to be healthy. The trainers at the Fit Republic have coached me and trained me on how to eat. They also stay with you by your side when you train. Even if it’s a group training. You will always feel like they are by your side to make sure you are doing the movements correctly.

They also listen to you when you talk. I LOVE GOOD LISTENERS!!! I had something very personal that occurred in my life a few days ago. It was the worst. And I never expected to go through that. However, I had the strength in my body to fight against it. My muscles got so strong!!! And so did my endurance and my mind. I thank the Fit Republic. They saved my life. And I thank my body for not giving up on me. I treated it right for 11 months. So it treated me right back.

So far I have lost 42lbs at my heaviest.

Here are my pics so far.


This was my before pic …..

and this is how I look now ….


I still have much more to. This 6 week body challenge is definitely motivating me to get more lean and fit. And I have the motivation to do better. I have more energy and am happier.

I want this body!!! LOL

Image My dreammmmmmmm body!!!!

So everyone wish me luck! I will take you on my fit journey for these next few weeks! If you have any questions please feel free to comment below :) ( Don’t worry. I’ll still be writing about makeup too)

Make a change if you don’t feel comfortable with yourself. We all are beautiful. I see that! Everyone is beautiful. But it’s not just about beauty. It’s about being healthy and feeling great.



Image Odds are: You will start getting so many flowers you will not know where to put them all!

Some of the best beauty and health products that I have used in 2013! A MUST READ!


Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a great night last night. I take New Years very seriously because I reflect upon the goals that I achieved for 2013. There are many goals that I achieved and many that I did not. So hopefully I achieve these goals this year for 2014. Achieving your goals is a great accomplishment. You feel good about yourself. And everyone always wants to feel good about themselves from the inside and out. Here I have listed my best products of 2013 that I have fallen in love with. Here’s the list… Go on ! Keep reading!!!

1. NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in, “Fire Down Below”


 I have searched and searched for the best red lipstick!!! And I finally found it!!! It’s taken two years, but Francois Nars has found the exact shade of human blood…in theory, making it a universally flattering shade of red. This color looks great on fair skin and darker skin as well. A must!!!! I always buy the last one at Sephora. This item is hot!

PRICE: $26



This is Bubble Bar made from the company LUSH. It looks like a macaroon. The rose oil and rose absolute not only smell amazing but they are great for dry skin. You do not need to moisturize after applying this soap. The rosy fragrance paired with the coconut oil “icing” that sticks the two halves of this Bubbleroon together make for a majorly moisturizing, softening and luxurious soak in the tub or shower.

PRICE: $6.25



This makeup is lightweight. It corrects your imperfections and it gives you this beautiful light on your face. It just brightens up your face. It smells great too. Also, you do not need much. A little goes a long way. 

PRICE : $45-$55



All new shades! If you are looking for rose and gold shades this palette is for you!


  • Strange Pale neutral pink matte-satin
  • Dust Pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter
  • Burnout Light pinky-peach satin
  • Limit Light dusty rose matte
  • Buzz Metallic rose shimmer with silver micro-glitter
  • Trick Light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal micro-sparkle
  • Nooner Medium pinky-brown matte
  • Liar Medium metallic mauve shimmer
  • Factory Pinky-brown satin
  • Mugshot Metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift
  • Darkside Deep taupe-mauve satin
  • Blackheart Smoky black matte with rosy red micro-sparkle

The Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette ($52)




I was recently introduced to this cream by a lovely woman who was dying my hair. My hair was very damaged. This cream replenishes while rebuilding holding structure of hair fiber. It also prevents breakage and split ends. I am trying to grow my hair very long and this product is really making my hair strong. If you use it, use cream from middle of hair to ends. DO NOT PUT IT ON ROOTS!

PRICE: Around $55-$60




A must for protein drinks! This is how I lost weight in 2013. You can make all different kinds of shakes with this powder. So yummy. It comes in Vanilla too. Price: About $40.00


Well thats all for now! Many more products to come soon! 


I’ll Have a Naked 3 with Mint Chocolate Please!!!!!!


Hi everyone! It’s the day after Christmas. And I had a wonderful Christmas. I didn’t need much presents to make this Christmas spectacular. All I really wanted for Christmas is to be healthy, be happy, and be with my loved ones. I see that the older we get, the more unimportant presents are to oneself. Do you agree? However, I wanted to show you all some of the gifts I really did want and DID GET!!!!!!



I have been wanting this palette from Urban Decay since November. This palette was sold out as soon as it came out in November. I was checking online and saw some people were actually selling this for over $100!! I was not going to pay that much! So I asked for this for Christmas because I knew it would be back in stores for the Christmas. Thank you Ulta and Sephora! 

This palette has all new colors from the Urban Decay line. The colors are mostly leading towards the rose colors. I can’t wait to try out these colors! I have already the Naked 2 and the Smoked Shadow palettes from Urban Decay.


Bath and Body Works Mint Chocolate Candle

This candle was also sold out in Bath and Body Works Stores around me. The smell is delicious!!! 


Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa packs ( Great for holiday gifts)

I don’t really drink hot cocoa. But I know I’m going to be wanting hot cocoa during the snow days that we are going to have in January and February.  Here are the flavors that were included: 

1. Milk Chocolate 

2. Dark Chocolate Sensation

3. French Vanilla

4. Mint Chocolate 

5. Caramel Cream


Hmmm…. I think I’ll open a pack of Mint Chocolate Cocoa and make me a hot cup of cocoa. Light the candle and watch some other beauty gurus on YouTube and see how they are using their Naked 3 palettes. 



Intriguing Eyelashes : My ways on how I keep my lashes healthy and eye catching long!


As a child I was always fascinated with long eyelashes. I would always steal my mother’s mascara out of her drawer and put on a little coating for school. My eyelashes were always long as a child. However, as I got older I started to lose my luscious lashes. Stress got a hold of me!!! We tend to lose hair when we stress. And it’s just not on your head. When I started college I would wear false lashes about 2 times a week. I wasn’t really an expert at putting on lashes at that time. It took me many times to master the false eyelash technique. Since I wasn’t a pro at eyelash glue I would rip off my falsies at night! And I lost many of my own lashes!!!!!

For the past 3 years now I have been taking better care of my eyelashes. I don’t like wearing false lashes because of how I lost many of my own eyelashes ( Bad experience I guess). So I just wear falsies on big occasions.  As mentioned before, we all need to have a regimen for beauty and health. My tips on how to make your natural eyelashes healthy and longer are mentioned below. But before you read these tricks; look at my lashes. You will see that they are thick and long!!! ImageThere are a ton of lash accelerators out there on the market. I have tried many of them. They have never seemed to work for me. There are also prescriptive drops that you could put on your lashes ( Lumigan and Latisse). I am pretty sure that they work. However a bottle costs about $120.00. They will work great if you want to spend that much on your eyelash growth. Here are the cheaper ways to make them grow listed below.

1. Petroleum Jelly – You could buy Petroleum Jelly ( Vaseline) at any drugstore. The product will cost you at most $4.00 for a jar. Just take a very small amount of the jelly at night and put it on your lashes. A very tiny amount!!! Just rub it on your lashes. You could also use olive oil and coconut oil as well. I particulalry don’t use these oils because the jelly works for me. These natural oils will get your lashes back to healthy, longer, and shinier lashes in no time!!! Just make sure to use it every night.

2. Vitamin E supplements – If you are taking vitamins you will see that health and beauty come from within. It is just not what you do on the outside. I take a multivitamin that has loads of Vitamin E in it.

3.  Mascara – And the one and only favorite mascara of mine is …… 

Maybelline Volume’ Express Falsies Big Eyes mascara!!! 


This mascara has made my lashes stand out sooooo much! People think I’m wearing falsies! This mascara has 2 brushes. One for the top and one for the bottom. The formula does not clump for me. Neither does it run for the day. I bought this mascara for about $9.00 at CVS. Let me tell you. I wear it almost everyday. I do, however, take breaks from wearing mascara. It is good to make your lashes breathe from time to time. So everyone go out and try this mascara. Comment below and tell me what you think! 

Alright everyone!!! Have an eye opening day!!! ;)